Servicing Customer

One of the pillars of Classita's business lies in servicing our customers. This dovetails neatly with one of our main corporate mottos, "a well-serviced customer is one satisfied customer."
We look into our customers'specifications and needs and we search for better alternatives to meet their demands. Demands such as minimum order quantity, shipment of products within a short period of notice, or special fabrics are some of the things we do to meet our customers' requests.
Thus, our customers have come to expect :-

  1. Quality Products
Our emphasis on quality are never compromised. We know that today's women want to be elegant and admired. Our lingerie products can enhance any woman's natural beauty. The quality of our products is recognised world wide; through the awards that we have been conferred such as the "European Quality Award" in 1995 and the ISO 9001 in 2000.
  2. Design
Lingerie products are very dynamic in in terms of styles and consumers' taste. To stay competitive in the market, Classita emphasizes strong product development where design play an integral role. Our R & D department plays a key role in proposing new designs to our customers. Our corporate customers are always looking out for new designs to introduce to their markets. This service would save their efforts and resources that would be needed to develop their own products.
  3. Timely Delivery
We strive to meet our delivery deadlines so our buyers to market their products promptly. On numerous occasions, we have assisted our buyers by accepting their orders which other contract manufacturers could not deliver on their contracted dates. These services have helped us cement long-term relationships with them. "