Quality Control

Classita carries out various quality control measures in the pre-production, on-line and post-production stages.

Pre - production
Inspection and test are carried out on fabrics and accessories to screen for defective fabrics or accessories, shrinkage, streachability, colour fastness, etc. The R&D and Finished Good Department carry out these functions.

On-line production
• Preliminary stage
Inspections are carried out at this stage to distinguish possible discrepancies/variations and to allow for any necessary corrections to be made before bulk production.
These checks mainly cover, amongst others, style, quality of fabrics and accessories, workmanship, measurement, colour tones, etc.

• Follow-up inspection
After the preliminary stage, follow-up inspections are conducted to ensure that the initial discrepancies/variations have been rectified. Production line supervisors, who are given specifications of the items that are assigned to them, carry out these functions.

• Post-production
In the post-production quality control stage which is known as finished good inspections, final inspections are conducted according to measurement, material defects, shade matching, untrimmed threads, label, styles and sizes. The inspection is carried out by the Packing Department.
The quality control checks must be in accordance with the inspection operating guidelines for each product category. In addition to this, many of Classita's customers send their own Quality controllers to inspect the goods prior to the goods being shipped.